What is Book Hocking’s pet policy?

Pets or no pets – the decision is up to you. We are happy to allow pets at any of our vacation rentals, but we leave the decision up to our home owners.

How do you market my cabin?

We use every channel possible to put your cabin in front of as many guests as we can. We will utilize our direct website, which gets tons of traffic! We will also list your cabin on all the large online travel agency sites.

Do you use Airbnb?

Yes, we absolutely use Airbnb! We want to utilize all the channels we possibly can to get your cabin the most exposure!

How much are your fees?

At Book Hocking, we like to keep things simple with one comprehensive fee for all our essential services. No nickel-and-diming. No hidden fees. No paying multiple vendors. Contact us today to get specific pricing.

Why choose us?

Managing a vacation rental can be very difficult. We will take the stress off your shoulders and handle every hassle for you. No more late night calls, dealing with a staff, guest communication or a messy booking engine. We will take your cabin and optimize it to its full potential, while also relieving you of the burden.

How does Book Hocking work?

The first step is to reach out to our team. We will setup a time to talk through your goals and aspirations. If you decide to move forward we will begin the onboarding process. First we will have you sign our management agreement. Second we will request access to the property to do an initial inspection and meet with our crew on site. Finally we will work with you to get your listings setup and published. We always aim to get your vacation rental up and running as quickly as possible.